Rabbit’s Garden | Green Bean Salad

Green Bean Salad | Rabbit's Garden | Winnie the Pooh via BryonTaylor.com

Holidays always give me that challenge I need- take vegetables that I usually eat, usually steamed, boring and bland, and turn them on their heads. For all the creative food I make, our dinner's are, well, let's just call them, regular. Always on the plate is a side of steamed veggies, which goes through a rotation of broccoli, spinach or green beans. Adding these few extra … [Read more...]

Rabbit’s Garden Easter Table | Winnie the Pooh

How To Make Rabbits Garden Easter Table from Winnie the Pooh via BrytonTaylor.com

As it turns out in the original Winnie the Pooh books by A.A. Milne, Rabbit doesn't have a garden. I know, it kind of shocked me too. I grew up on Winnie the Pooh via Disney, and since Rabbit's garden was such a big deal to him, I thought it must have been something that was at least mentioned. So I do apologise for whoever is wanting authentic, but sometimes you gotta run with … [Read more...]

Cabbage Rolls | Rabbit’s Garden

Rabbit's Garden | Winnie the Pooh | cabbage rolls via BrytonTaylor.com

Cabbage was the one vegetable that never made it to our dinner table when I was a kid. As in never. Perhaps my parents were traumatised by it as child so dealt with it the same way some people vow never to make their own children eat brussel sprouts. Or maybe it’s one of those things, where cabbage equals sauerkraut, and other than that, what do you do with it? Two words. … [Read more...]

Rabbit’s Carrot Soup

Carrot Soup | Rabbit's Garden | Winnie the Pooh via BrytonTaylor.com

My most favourite book in the whole kitchen is surprisingly not a cookbook. It's a 'Flavor Bible' (note: Amazon Affiliate link), a book that gives you lists of ingredients that compliment or enhance a particular ingredient. With it, you realise all the possibilities. Of course you do need to know how to cook before you start fiddling, I'm sure plenty could go wrong if you … [Read more...]

Carrot Cake Ice Cream from Rabbit’s Garden

Carrot Cake Ice Cream from Rabbit’s Garden | Winnie the Pooh | Food in Literature

Some people get a little funny about putting vegetables into their dessert. Chocolate beet cake (There's a gorgeous recipe here from the blog, Chocolate & Carrots). or Zucchini Chocolate Chip muffins (from Dwell on Joy). Even the crucial pumpkin pie that we eat for Thanksgiving isn’t common here in Perth. And, carrot cake, which I thought was pretty normal, … [Read more...]

Winnie the Pooh; Tigger Bread & Honey Roasted Veggie Sandwich


Dutch Crunch bread I first heard of dutch crunch bread in its other form, tiger bread, was when I saw it in Coles. Everytime I've seen it, it's had a Tigger sticker on, and, being the Disney fan I am, it just stuck in my head as Tigger bread. Unfortunately when I gave up bread for a gluten free diet, Tigger bread was set aside as well. So when I saw that the Daring Bakers … [Read more...]

Easter Treats for Adults; Honey and Easter Themed Alcohol

honey inspired alcohol beer liqours

Alcohol never fails as a gift. And with so many selections, you're bound to find something for everyone for an adult Easter basket. Honey First up are the honey flavours, perfect for turning the Winnie the Pooh theme into something more adult and with baskets a bit more sophisticated. These are only a selection that caught my eye, there are more available. Either … [Read more...]

Winnie the Pooh; 100 Acre Wood Signage How-To

100 akre wood signage how to

The Hundred Acre Wood (also known as 100 Aker Wood, Hundred-Acre Wood or 100 Acre Wood) is where you'll find Winnie and his friends. To let your guests know they've finally arrived, make this simple signage. You'll need; balsa wood print out of your text tape needle/pin soldering iron ($10-$20 from Bunnings, Dick Smith or some dollar stores) brown acrylic … [Read more...]